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Water soluble fertilizer application considerations

A small amount of times is an important principle of rational use of water soluble fertilizer. Repeated small application conforms to the characteristics of plant roots uninterrupted absorb nutrients, also can reduce the one-time leaching loss caused a large number of fertilization. The application of water soluble fertilizer also note the following items:

Fertilizer is now active

Fertilizer must now with active, especially in the case of poor water quality, prevent the fertilizer composition material react with water.

Picking the right time

Under the condition of high temperature in sunny day, fertilizer should be selected by ten o 'clock in the morning, at four o 'clock in the afternoon, avoid fertilization under the sunlight is strong; To avoid rain fertilization, especially spraying on the leaf, avoid the loss of fertilizer.

Drip irrigation water soluble fertilizer applied, the first drops of water

Drip irrigation water soluble fertilizer applied, the first drops of water. Such as pipe filled with water after fertilization. Fertilization immediately after dripping water 20 ~ 30 minutes, will be residual liquid fertilizer from the pipe. If don't wash pipe, may grow moss and algae in drops of head or microbes, block drop head.

Mixed when must pay attention to the ph value and whether the floe

In holding irrigation with pesticides improved-pests root or spraying on the leaf, avoid fat acid and alkaline pesticides improved-pests, alkaline and acidic pesticide mixed fat, at the same time, more attention should be paid to mixed floe phenomenon, if have the floe, is forbidden to use mixed.

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