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Water soluble fertilizer application method

Water soluble fertilizer not only flexible, varied and applied method of general there are three ways.

Drip irrigation, sprinkler irrigation and soilless culture

Extreme lack of water in some areas, large-scale planting farm and on the high quality high value-added crops, people tend to use drip irrigation, sprinkler irrigation and soilless cultivation technology to save irrigation water and improve labor productivity. At the time of irrigation, fertilizer has been dissolved in the water, water is also the process of fertilization, namely, cucumber. When the plants need the nutrition can be gained by water soluble fertilizer and both saving water, saving fertilizer, and improve the work efficiency.

Soil water

By soil water or irrigation, first mix in irrigation water, so we can let the plant roots comprehensively in contact with the fertilizer, chemical nutrients transport through their root respiration in plants of various organizations.

Foliar fertilizer

Dissolve the water soluble fertilizer first diluted in water spraying on the leaf, or with the alkaline pesticide for spraying on the leaf soluble in water, through leaf stomata into the plant inside. For some young or less good crop roots when deficiency symptoms is a best choice correct deficiency disorders, greatly improve the fertilizer utilization efficiency, save land transport process within the plant nutrient elements in plants.

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