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Company profile

Belgium Triferto company was founded in 1956, is one of Belgium's largest producer of fertilizer, major research and development production of compound fertilizer with high quality, a large number of water soluble fertilizer elements, trace elements in water soluble fertilizer and biological substance and so on

Environmentally friendly products, the product distribution of more than 150 countries and regions, for the majority of farmers raised production rights

Product features:

This article adopts the NNT, the nitrogen control technique and the slow release technology, peptide can be an organic combination of technology, magnetic energy technology, have catalytic effects on nutrient, enhance ion activity, improve the effectiveness.

N, P, K +, Mg magnesium chlorophyll, plant hormone and pectin play an important role of photosynthesis, magnesium ions as a variety of enzyme activator, promote the metabolism of sugar and and promote plant absorption of silicon,

Increases the fruit oil content, at the same time, increases effect of phosphorus, potassium, thus raised rights to receive services fruit production is obvious.

TE of N, P, K +, comprehensive, balanced increase crop yield and quality

Adding nitrification inhibitors, improve the quality of agricultural products safety and effectively restrain the soil and the activity of nitrifying bacteria, delayed the ammonium nitrogen to no3 -- n natural transformation, extend the applied fertilizer effect, stable, fertility lasting


Product advantage:

Dissolve quickly, less residue, rushed, and broadcasting. Nutrient fertilizer effect fast, durable. Variety of nutrients, reducing the occurrence of deficiency syndrome, and convenient application, saving labor costs, improve production efficiency.

This product is a low phosphorus potassium sulphate compound fertilizer for base topdressing, applicable to all crops.

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